Hey, thought leader. Full plate? I craft cohesive site + opt-in experiences, giving you time to focus on what you do best.

for overachievers

for overachievers

Hey, thought leader. Full plate? I craft cohesive site + opt-in experiences, giving you time to focus on what you do best.

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Whether you are an online business owner, content creator, influencer, thought leader, public speaker, or a mix of the above ... you want to deliver a consistent experience: under your terms and your control. 

I collaborate with overachieving, ambitious industry shakers like you to come up with a copy strategy, aligning with the great work you already execute in your day-to-day work.

For site creation specifically, think of our work together similar to an insurance policy; an in-place strategy that can be there when you need it, giving you more options to expand over time, recover, and be yourself. 

Sound like you (but better)

Sound like you (but better)

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Bestselling cookbook author
Content creator with 250k+ Followers

When I have questions about emails or sales pages, I turn to Laura. Laura is the copy strategist you want by your side; she knows her shit.

“Laura knows her shit.”

NY Times, WSJ bestselling author

Laura can proudly say that she left my organization in better shape than when she found it. She worked for me for six years and frankly, I wish she still worked for me ... Laura is in a class by herself. She brings creativity, beauty, and thoughtfulness to everything she does, from writing company core values and sales campaigns to conceiving of marketing strategies and improving the customer’s journey. ... You'd be an idiot not to hire Laura Rubin.

“You'd be an idiot not to hire Laura Rubin.”

Creator with 1.9 million+ followers 

“The more I work with Laura, the more her magic makes a difference in my platform.”

Content creator with 4,000+ followers

While I have been creating my own landing pages for almost two decades, I realized that I needed a complete site audit [for my first product]. Laura overdelivered. Because I worked with Laura, I was able to launch my product on time (and feel confident doing so) - which let me be very clear, without Laura that would have NEVER happened.

“Laura overdelivered.”


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