Your copy
should work harder than you

Your copy
should work harder than you

👋🏻 Hey, I'm Laura Rubin. Like you, I’m an overachiever. 

Oof, I feel for ya. I'm a former leadership-role-at-every-opportunity, double-Masters-grad, say-yes-to-everything type of gal. 

It's not always a given to hand off a project ... especially when everything feels urgent, there's so much to explain, and the majority of knowledge is in your brain. 

As you scale your vision, you're probably noticing that there are some projects that you might be able to do just fine on your own. However, your voice on your site and emails should meet the excellence, consistency, and care you've already established in every other aspect of your business. Just because you might be able to do something doesn't mean you should

When the stakes are high, especially when it's something pertaining to your voice, it's best to work with an experienced copy strategist + writer. 

So, when it comes to supporting your goals... 

I collaborate with overachieving thought leaders like you to create a Bonus Points Factor copy strategy. Spoiler: I'll spell out what sets you apart from others, charming future clients to explore your brand. 

I bring a charming, creative flair that thrills the spirit, backed by tactical, action-driven brand + marketing work. 

Experience writing for thought leaders (and producing results)
I was hand-picked to build and run the voice of Heroic Public Speaking: a premier speaker training founded by New York Times, Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michael Port. Our direct response brand + marketing initiatives sold out events and inspired clients to invest in five-figure programs. I was alongside the founders working at their kitchen table, all the way to the creation of their 10,000 square-foot theater where clients flew in and trained with our team. Since then, I've worked with speakers, authors, content creators, and a smörgasboard of other clients on sites, sales pages, and email funnels. 

I come prepared

Now, it’s my mission for you to shine on platforms that you control, as much as you already do with your social strategy. 

MFA in Creative Writing
With published, peer-reviewed poems and essays in national + international journals. And, I taught college-level advanced creative writing. I am fluent in Creative. Coupled with over a decade in events marketing and managing creatives, I make sure designers are up for success with a clear vision. You’ll not only receive a strategist but a true creative advocate + storyteller, melding copy into an artistic, conversion driven, gold-star user experience.

Range grounded in charm
You’ll experience writing that is fast, efficient, and charming … whether your focus is ultra-cool like being the first female Thunderbird fighter pilot, or your focus is a little cool-challenged, like a CEO for an accounts payable filing system. Yes, those are two real clients. Yes, both sites siiiiiing now. 


Project-based site copy service. New and existing sites welcome. 

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I need someone long-term

Dedicate a set number of hours per month toward your brand strategy + writing goals. 


The more info you can provide, the better I can focus on bringing out your message. 💪🏻

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