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Customized strategic copywriting

Becomes unpopular, for any reason, faster than you can say “top 8” (if you don’t get the reference, point proven)

Gets sued by national and global entities for breaching data privacy

Implodes when an entrepreneur decides to buy it for $44 billion

Decreases in engagement due to a newer, faster platform, threaded with a similar concept

Deletes your account for breaking their rules (or worse, you didn’t break any rules but you’re still banned for breaking their rules), and you can’t reach a real human being to resolve

Shuts down for 24 hours during a big sponsored post day, for no reason and with no warning

What happens when your platform of choice…  

You’re used to producing fast-paced content, and – up until now – you either: 

  1. Did not need to think about a site.
  2. Have a site, but it has a few cobwebs on it. 

After all, you've been crushing it … maybe on social, maybe through word of mouth. 

But wouldn’t a little control be nice?

Control when your word of mouth referrals pivot due to reasons beyond their doing.
Control that isn’t run on the fate of ever-changing social media platform regulations + updates that are completely unexpected and out of your hands. 

The list above might feel like a caricature, but they are real examples.

Depending solely on referrals or social media for audience communication can crush entrepreneurial careers or cause expensive, last-minute pivots. 

You need a hub to build a list in your control

It's where you can build a subscriber list, figure out what works along the way, and maintain a career. 

You've worked hard. Let a site take some weight off of your shoulders. 

I am ridiculously proud of what you’ve created so far (unless what you created is hateful, mean-spirited, or contains dinner buffets; if your business has any of those elements, peace out. I digress). The fact that you’re here shows that you’re interested in building a business that is forward-thinking. 

Let’s craft a strategy-driven copy for your site, backing up your hard-earned biz.

An overachiever copywriter flourishes with strategy and can talk about how their experiences differ from competitors. They know their Bonus Points Factor. If copywriters were in a classroom, an overachiever copywriter is in the t-zone, taking notes; they are passionate, a little obnoxious about getting the right words, and want to succeed. They’ll study. They put in the extra work to think about your biz past fads and buzz. They’re invested: in you and your message. 

If you’ve already made it this far, you might be interested in my Bonus Points Factor–what I bring when I sit front row, learning about your biz: 

A site can bring opportunities to you

Know the power of building a subscriber list for your audience, future clients, and business endeavors

Wish to work with someone who can explain every word choice and doesn't get annoyed when you ask questions

Want a site that sounds like you, but isn’t written by you

Feel exhausted from recreating different types of offers, and would like to explore crafting evergreen offers that work for years to come

See the value in having a site, but you're being pulled in different directions. You want to invest your time and energy in what you’re currently doing

Need a hub for clients to find you + all you have to offer, stat … and in a way that makes you more excited about the work you get to do

This collaborative process is a great fit if you...

Move site copy from the end of your task list
to the top of mine


Accepting inquiries for September 2024.
Custom packages start at $3000.

Bestselling cookbook author
Content creator with 250k+ Followers

When I have questions about emails or sales pages, I turn to Laura. Laura is the copy strategist you want by your side; she knows her shit.

“Laura knows her shit.”

NY Times, WSJ bestselling author

Laura can proudly say that she left my organization in better shape than when she found it. She worked for me for six years and frankly, I wish she still worked for me ... Laura is in a class by herself. She brings creativity, beauty, and thoughtfulness to everything she does, from writing company core values and sales campaigns to conceiving of marketing strategies and improving the customer’s journey. ... You'd be an idiot not to hire Laura Rubin.

“You'd be an idiot not to hire Laura Rubin.”

Creator with 1.9 million+ followers 

“The more I work with Laura, the more her magic makes a difference in my platform.”

Content creator with 4,000+ followers

While I have been creating my own landing pages for almost two decades, I realized that I needed a complete site audit [for my first product]. Laura overdelivered. Because I worked with Laura, I was able to launch my product on time (and feel confident doing so) - which let me be very clear, without Laura that would have NEVER happened.

“Laura overdelivered.”

Do you offer payment plans? 
For site copywriting projects, yes! If you would like a payment plan, half is required upon signing, and the next half is by the agreed upon start date. A slight fee increase applies. I do not offer payment plans for the 50-minute test-drive sessions. 

Do you offer refunds? 
There are no refunds. 

I have something custom in mind that doesn't fit the mold. Is it still worth connecting? 
Great. Let's talk it out. 

WTF counts as a “brief inner page,” Laura?
Ah, yes. That is a little vague. This can vary and includes: a speaking engagement page, author page, mission page, general offerings, etc. This inner page is not a long-form sales page. We can talk more about your needs in a call.  

How much time is in the day rate? 
9:00am - 5:00pm Eastern. Or, if you're an early bird, I can also do 7:00am - 3:00pm Eastern. Your choice. 

Wait, 9:00am Eastern is 6:00am Pacific. Don't you have a heart for people on the West Coast? 
Yes, and I show my huge heart by writing during hours when I can produce my best work for you and your brand. 

Do you recommend copy services before design services?
If you had to choose, absolutely copy first. The best copywriters out there are also excellent strategists for the overarching vision, and they set the design process up for success. 

Do you have designer and/or template recommendations?
Yup-a-dup. I sure do. And, while I am not a designer, I'll make sure your site copy looks right from a strategy perspective once it's implemented: whether you DIY, have your own designer, or use one of my recommended designers. 

Who says “yup-a-dup”?
Probably only me. Good thing I'm great at changing voice to match my clients' needs, so that your page can be yup-a-dup-free. 

Speaking of “free,” can you take on my project for free?
Not at this time. I do update my newsletter and social content regularly, if you are looking for some free resources.

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